I’ve come to this gym while traveling. If I lived in the area I’d certainly be a regular. The gym is super clean; the instruction can’t be beat. Professor Mineiro is obviously passionate about teaching. This shows in how he runs the kids classes — they love him — how patient he is with the fundamentals class on Mondays, his encouragement of more experienced students helping to coach, and how he enjoys showing not just “old school” techniques, but humoring his advanced students with crab rides, berimbolos, and the latest fun sport techniques. It’s all done with kindness, but as he rolls with all of us, you can see what a master of the art he is. Very welcoming and a good mix of respectful, passionate, talented, and kind students.

Ben Lipson

amazing professors (Mineiro, Liz, and occasional recurring others). high standards for training but down-to-earth atmosphere. seems to attract kind and community-oriented people of all ages who strive for their personal best while helping each other do the same. good differentiation to meet everyone at their level within a class. i’m an adult female white belt and feel constantly challenged and welcomed at the same time (and safe). every class is an intense training/workout but with relaxed and friendly interactions. experience at this gym: 3-6 days/week for almost 6 months, no intention to stop or leave.

Katy See

My daughter is thriving at the Albany location - Professors Marcelo & Liz have the magic touch with kids. Thank you, Professors, for helping my daughter with her confidence and joy in learning new things!

Jessica de Barros Barreto

The best Jiu-Jitsu in the Bay Area. The instructors have built a fantastic program for everyone--adults, kids, and women.....whether you are brand new or more advanced, this is a great place to be at and learn.

Adam Perin

World class gym, lovely coaches and awesome students willing to help and grow from one another.


Welcoming, great instructors for both adults and kids, really glad we found them.

Karisa J

One of the best teachers in the Bay Area for gi and no gi. Hands down.

Shervin Dadvar

Great coaches that care about you and your progress.

Travis Finkenauer

excellent bjj school

Daniel Her

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